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Cinethusiasts show growing presence

The Cinethusiasts pose for a picture. SUBMITTED PHOTO


While the Cinethusiasts’ T-shirt reads “Film Angry, Film Club,” they are anything but hostile.

They are MSUM’s film club. The student-run club has been on campus since 2003. Their mission is “to facilitate an environment for filmmakers and film lovers on campus and in the community,” according to the club’s constitution.

The Cinethusiasts won the student organization of the month award in February. It is the first time they’ve won and the second time they were nominated. The adviser, Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, won adviser of the month in September.

“I’m pretty proud of us,” said Joey Kramer, the club’s treasurer for the past three years. “Our club is actually becoming known on campus … our club is getting rather large and it’s only gotten bigger in the last three years so I can only hope that, by us winning (Student Organization of the Month), we’ll get more people and hopefully just become a bigger and more fun and enjoyable club to be a part of.”

The club has no membership dues so membership is flexible. The club consists largely of film majors but is for, and is open to, all students who love film.

“(I love) the chance to get large groups of friends and filmmakers together to go out and have fun as friends,” said Nicholas Korokidas, the club’s public relations officer. “We do some bowling nights and we recently went to Skateland. (We do) really
fun events that we can all enjoy together and then possibly relate that to a movie.”

The club hosts various events on campus, one being the 48-hour Film Festival.

“It is probably one of our biggest events of the year and it’s the most fun,” Kramer said, “where everyone pretty much ends up just spending a weekend with all of the club members. That’s where I’ve gotten to know most of the club members the best.”

They also host holiday parties and the Oscar party, which is on Feb. 27 starting at 6 p.m. It’s free and will be in Weld.
“There’s always something going on and it’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to be a filmmaker, as long as you’re a film lover,” said Sarah Palm, the club’s president.

The Oscar party is an event where dressing up is encouraged and prizes are given away for best dressed in both male and female categories. Attendees can also write down their predictions for who will win what awards at the Oscars and whoever has the most correct guesses wins a prize.

The Cinethusiasts are present in the community as well. This year they started volunteering with Prairie Public for their pledge drives. They volunteered in December by answering phones and writing down people’s donations and will be doing so again in March. They also volunteer by filming various local events.

The club encourages all students to come to meetings and events to see what they’re about and promise all who attend a good time.

“If it wouldn’t have been for (Cinethusiast club events), I wouldn’t have the group of friends I have now,” Kramer said.

“Bring a lot of energy with if you’re coming,” Korokidas said, “and it will be returned.”

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