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The photos you didn’t see

A note from photo editor Chris Franz

Newspaper stories typically only include one photograph, if at all. When a photo does make it to print, the photographer rarely chooses how they run or even which image is chosen. To make things more frustrating as a photographer, assignments are given and edited by people with no photography experience. Because of this, a photograph’s purpose in a newspaper is to give a literal, visual representation of the story, which typically does not make for good photographs.

As photojournalists, it is important to understand that this happens and to not get too frustrated by it. If we want to grow as photographers, we need to shoot for ourselves. I recently photographed a swim meet on campus. The story was a feature on one student, but I photographed the meet for over 2 hours. Here are a few photos that fell through the cracks.

Photos by Chris Franz
Advocate Photo Editor • chrisfranzphoto.blogspot.com


  1. Rita Kovtun

    I know exactly how you feel! Awesome pictures though – I like the unconventional, creative ones you got. Nice job on the processing too.

  2. Chris F

    Thanks, Rita! I appreciate it.

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