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MSUM professor wins 2010 american prize for fiction


Alan Davis sprung from a background that has flourished into a successful career as both a writer and professor at MSUM. Dividing his time between teaching creative writing and being senior editor at New Rivers Press, he has also found time to create collections of short stories.

Most recently his work “So Bravely Vegetative” captured the Prize Americana for Fiction 2010. This prize is awarded by Americana: The Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture, a non-profit organization dedicated to the publication of exceptional American creative writing since 1900.

“So Barely Vegetative” is filled with global issues interjected by comic relief and pop culture.

Often writing a chapter or short story in one sitting, Davis believes that writing is re-writing.

“The great thing about writing is that you go back and change the storyline, a lot different then life,” he said.

Students don’t have to worry about Davis leaving the university in pursuit of his writing career.

“Writing is my vocation and teaching is my profession,” he said. “I’ll continue to do both until I retire, and then I’ll continue writing until I can’t anymore.”

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