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Seniors’ final projects on display


When walking into the Center for the Arts building, students notice there is artwork everywhere.The current exhibit features half of the senior art students’ final projects.

The exhibit is open for all students to walk through and observe.

The first half of the projects will be displayed through March 2, the rest of the senior students will display their projects through the month of March.

The exhibit isn’t just full of paintings as one might imagine. Many different elements make up each student’s project.  Some projects have menus, photos, T-shirts, webpages, water bottles and teapots.

Amber Power’s project was on suicide prevention.  She came up with the idea after hearing about some young people who had completed suicide.

“The most challenging part of the project for me was handling a theme that could touch someone,” Power said.  “People can get such different reactions from looking at something. I didn’t want to push anyone’s buttons.”

But to her surprise, Power received positive feedback.

“The project can touch people in so many different ways and I have never done something that could really give the viewer a strong emotional response,” she said.

The good reactions to projects didn’t stop there. Senior Whitney Lunn said she received positive feedback about her project.

“I feel good about my project,” Lunn said. “I think it’s one of the first projects I am really passionate about and that I have impressed myself with.”

Lunn said along with being proud of her work, she was impressed with her peers’ work as well.

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