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Birthdays just got better

The Advocate’s guide to scoring free meals on your birthday


A college student’s favorite price is free. Attending meetings for clubs you never intend to join for the free pizza is one path, but the easiest way to get free food and drinks is to have a birthday.


By signing up for Boppa’s Bagels free rewards program, you receive coupons in the mail monthly. For your birthday month, you get a coupon for a free breakfast or lunch bagel sandwich, valued at $8.

Before you head back home for the all-important post-breakfast birthday nap, go to Speak Easy in Moorhead to pick up a $10 gift certificate that can be used any time during your birthday month.


For a lighter lunch, head to Kobe’s Japanese Restaurant for sushi or hibachi. Kobe’s provides a $15 gift card to use to pay for your meal, which is enough for a specialty roll and a bowl of miso soup.


Mexican is the way to go for dinner. Both Mexican Village and Paradiso provide free meals for birthdays, but require the purchase of another meal of equal or greater value. If you’re going out to eat with friends, this shouldn’t be an issue.


On Mondays during your birthday month, Borrowed Buck’s Roadhouse gives you a free 40 ounce bucket filled with “just about anything you want,” according to their website. They also throw in a T-shirt screen-printed with a photo of you and your friends partying at Buck’s.

All of the above deals require a photo ID to verify that it’s actually your birthday, so don’t forget your wallet in your other jeans.

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  1. Krista

    Just wanted to comment saying that Paradiso does not require the purchase of another meal. You can get a meal and a water and not pay for anything.

    Thanks for all the free info! I’ll be sure to take advantage of these offers later this month. 🙂

  2. Rachel

    Thanks for the info, Krista. One more free thing with no strings attached – birthdays are awesome.

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