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2011 taco tastedown

Students review prominent taco shops in Moorhead

Walter Crackenbarrel and Juniper Pendleton enjoy Taco John’s and Taco Bell cuisine. JESUS TREESTAND / The Advocate



Walter Crackenbarrel

Yeah so me and Juniper went to get some tacos the other day and it was pretty good. We went to Taco John’s and Taco Bell to see who was the best.

I liked the first place, they had comfy chairs. My taco was just OK I guess though. The soft shell was hardly soft. It was definitely hard and usually they’re not like that. We saw some hot girls walk by (haha, hey ladies call me) so I liked that while I was eating. I got some crunchy Mexican twist food for dessert because I was still hungry, and it was like I was eating air. What’s up with that?

Crackenbarrel displays a cross section of a taco.

The second place had some pretty sweet tacos. No hot girls, which was a major let down. This place had a better side-dish, little round potato pucks which were so much better than the twisty crunches that tasted like air. They brought me the food too, so I could tell it was fine-dining. If I ever get a hold of the ladies it’s obvious the second place is the date place. It’s more sit down and formal because they give you a number. The first place just gives it to you in a bag. What’s up with that?

In conclusion, if you want the hot ladies go to the first place, but the better food is at the second place.

Juniper Pendleton

Me and the other reviewer went to the two taco-based fast food restaurants in Moorhead to see which one was better. One was better than the other.

The problem is that I can’t remember which was which. I know it was Taco Bell and Taco John’s, but I forgot to remember which one was which so anyway I’ll still review them since I ate at both places, which was fun and made me not as hungry.
I got quesadillas at both so I could know which place had the better quesadillas. The first place definitely had a better quesadilla. It tasted better, actually. So if I wanted a quesadilla I’d try that one.

Crackenbarrel and Pendleton doing journalism.

The other place had Pepsi, which was good but the first place had Pepsi too. Both Pepsis tasted the same and I sorta felt like I wanted Coke but hey.

Both Taco John’s and Taco Bell play music for their customers to listen to while they are eating the food that they ordered. The first played that song that goes “Everybody wants to rule the world,” which is a good song from the 80s. The second place played “Hotel California,” which is OK but my dad likes it and I’m kind of sick of it.

The first place was better I think because it had better quesadillas and music. The other place was good too, though, I guess. To each their own though because everyone has an opinion.

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