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MSUM mass communications major gets job


The economy is not as solid as it has been in the past, but according to Jason Smith, a senior at MSUM, the recovery is definitely building.

So why the optimism? Smith, a mass communications major, just landed a job.

“I feel really bad for my friends that graduated last year,” Smith said. “The economy was so bad, a lot of them still don’t have jobs. I really got lucky with the timing of my graduation.”

Smith was well known in his department for his work ethic, way with people and photogenic complexion.

“Jason earned his job,” professor Weston Honkomp said. “I want everyone to remember that. No one worked as hard as Jason. He was always in the computer labs, transcribing interviews and rewriting his ledes. We’ll miss him. I hope Taco Bell knows what they have.”

According to Wredgy Madison, manager of the Taco Bell on 8th street in Moorhead, Smith was the perfect candidate.

“It was hard to make the decision,” Madison said. “There were so many applicants. We were looking for someone with a background in interpersonal communication. Someone who can ask, ‘what can I get for you today?’ and look like he really means it. After the first interview, it was clear that Jason was that guy.”

It is true that the economy has not fully recovered but Jason Smith wants other students to be encouraged.

“It’s still a tough job market,” Smith said. “But if you work hard and really put in the time, you can achieve success. I mean, just look at me, I could make it to shift manager in less than five years. I mean, that gig has benefits.”

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