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Oprah Winfrey takes charge of student-job deficit


Using her trademarked phrase, Oprah Winfrey eliminated the stress and worry of being hired at her latest “You Get a Job” campaign stop at MSUM’s Gaede Stage Wednesday.

After announcing the end of the 25-season-long “Oprah Winfrey Show,” talk-show host Oprah Winfrey began touring campuses nationwide promoting her “You Get a Job” campaign aiming to eliminate the lack of jobs available to recent graduates.

Winfrey, who began the 2004 season by giving everyone in her audience a new Pontiac G6, decided that it was time to try a new giveaway, one that could top the giveaways of the past while helping eliminate a growing problem.

Much like her other giveaways, the job giveaway came as a complete surprise to the students in the audience, many of whom said the timing couldn’t have been better.

“Everybody gets a job! Everybody gets a job!” Winfrey shouted over the cries of disbelief at Gaede Stage. “You get a job and you get a job and you get job!” Winfrey continued, running around the stage and pointing at students.

Each job was handpicked by Winfrey and her staff and tailored to each student present.

One student said, “I know she’s Oprah and everything, and I know she gives away cars and stuff but can she really do this?”
Another student noted, “Hell yeah she can do this! I used to watch her show everyday with my mom after school and if I learned anything from that show, it’s that Oprah can give away anything she wants. I got a job today! Woo hoo!”

Harpo Productions, Winfrey’s production company, assured the winners that their prizes are guaranteed to “be available to them until spring of 2012” and that any pre-hiring test costs would be covered.

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