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All major sports at pivotal points


All four major sports are at a critical point in their respective seasons.

As the National Football League grapples with the possibility of a lockout, the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association both have started the second round of the playoffs, while Major League Baseball is still in the early stages of the season.

The NBA’s Chicago Bulls had an impressive day on Monday as head coach Tom Thibodeau was named Coach of the Year and guard Derrick Rose was honored as the youngest NBA Most Valuable Player ever.

Overall, though, the NHL has had the most exciting playoffs thus far.

The pace of the game is what sets it apart from the other major sports and in the playoffs that pace is pushed to a new level.

All pro-athletes play the game with grit and passion but there is something about the ability to fight or just play rough that sets the NHL apart from the other sports and shows just how much the players want to win.

So to those not interested in sports, hockey should be the one to check out. It is not slow like baseball or practically non-contact like basketball. Football can rival it on the physical front but nothing is quite the same.

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