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Print journal creates outlet for creatives types


Red weather provides students, faculty and alumni the opportunity to publish their various forms of works.

Red Weather is an annual print journal produced by the ENGL 495 and 595 courses.

The publication has a variety of poetry, prose, fiction and visual art from MSUM students, faculty and alumni.

“(Red Weather) gives us an opportunity to overcome our fears of rejections and submit our work,” said English professer Ann Schwalboski said.

Though Schwalboski has written features for the Fergus Falls Daily Journal for the past year, this was the first time she has submitted her poetry for publication.

Sean Templeton, a fourth-year English writing and business administration major, received an email invitation to submit work in Red Weather. Within a few weeks his poem “Miracle Gloves” was accepted.
The poem is about finding ways to deal with problems effectively and appropriately, and about emphatically realizing that others have similar problems, Templeton said.

“I was in a place I didn’t want to be and started boxing at a gym to blow off steam,” Templeton said. “Eventually, I formed a close friendship with the person I mostly boxed against. It was a powerful experience. There was something ineffable about forming a close friendship from throwing punches … a subliminal bond formed from dealing with life’s challenges in a primal, yet civilized way.”

One of English and mass communications senior Brianna Brickweg’s pieces, “Man-Eater,” is a parody based off an incident over Sunday morning breakfast with her boyfriend.

“I love publishing my work,” said Brickweg. “I’m not the Emily Dickinson type who hides all her writing in her desk drawer, never to see the light of day.”
Brickweg has published in Red Weather for three consecutive years.

“I think (Red Weather) benefits students directly,” said Corrick Center professor Kevin Zepper. “Students create the magazine. It gives them the opportunity to deal with the challenges of publishing. Writing students benefit by submitting to Red Weather when they learn the protocols of submitting their work.”

Zepper has two pieces in this year’s issues.

“I choose pieces I’ve recently written, pieces I currently enjoy and am proud of,” Zepper said.

Aaron Lehman, senior film studies major, chose to enter reminiscent 35mm color photographs.

“It was such an eerie experience at San Haven,” Lehman said. “The photograph was taken at the main building and was right next to an elevator shaft where a young boy fell down and died several years ago. A fantastic experience, but chilling.”

This year, Red Weather features over 40 pieces by over 20 students, faculty and alumni.

The 2011 edition of Red Weather is available in print on campus and the digital edition can be downloaded under the “Current Issue” tab at www.mnstate.edu/redweather or a print-on-demand copy can be ordered under the “Order” tab.

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