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Letter to the Editor: A response to ‘Religious thinking worthless in politics’

Dear Matt Lech,

I would like to respond to your article, “Religious Thinking Worthless in Politics,” in which you bash Governor Perry for suggesting that the theory of evolution has some gaps in it.  You expressed how scary it is that this man with “middle-school ignorance” could become the leader of the free world.  You said, “evolution and climate change are established science” and that members of the Republican party who hold other views are “championing empirically false beliefs.”

As I ponder your article I could mention how several accomplished scientists such as Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, whose work has contributed to the discovery of several planets, argue that the universe was intelligently designed. I could mention how Dr. Antonino Zichichi, former President of the European Physical Society and discoverer of nuclear anti-matter, says global warming models are “incoherent and invalid.” I don’t think that either of these men are suffering from “middle-school ignorance.” I could mention how many of the great leaders of our country’s history have held to the “empirically false belief” that there is a God. In fact the Declaration of Independence says “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” That document was penned by the same Thomas Jefferson whom you quoted in your article.

I could go into more depth with these arguments but the main fiber of your article that I wish to respond to is your attitude of fear at the thought of our country having a leader who doubts the theory of evolution. I find the thought of a staunch evolutionist leading our country to be infinitely more scary than a leader who dares to believe in God.  Evolution says that humanity as we know it is a result of billions of years of cosmic accidents. We humans are no more than a pile of hydrogen that miraculously developed through mysterious natural processes and the purifying power of natural selection. There is no ornate value in humankind because it is a result of the same processes that made a spider a spider and a pig a pig. Survival of the fittest is a catalyst of evolution. Weaker life forms die out and are overtaken by higher life forms that have developed. There is a strong case to be made that Hitler just took Darwin’s theory to its philosophical end. He was merely weeding out those whom he deemed to be weaker life forms. Yet you find it scary when a politician questions evolution.

On the other hand there is faith in God as the Creator of the universe. He spoke it into existence with His Word and every aspect of it is was intricately designed by Him.  As the crown of His creation, He formed human kind. Each human being has value, no matter how healthy, or strong, or old they are because God made them in His image. People are not the result of billions of years of chance; rather they have ornate value because they are valued by their Creator.

What motivation does the evolutionary theory provide to be concerned for the weak and endangered of society if its primary doctrine is the survival of the strong? I will gladly vote for a candidate who is willing to challenge this destructive theory. I will gladly vote for a candidate who will view each one of the citizens of his country as valuable individuals created by God.

Matthew Quanbeck
Sophomore at MSUM

(All letters to the editor are printed as recieved without edits.)

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