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New pizza place offers tastiness at a price

Rhombus Guys Pizza is the most recent trendy restaurant to open in Fargo, and the second to be named for some “guys,” after Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Unlike Five Guys, though, Rhombus Guys

Pizza is located in downtown Fargo, has an impressively stocked bar and stays open until 2 a.m. What more could a college student ask for?

Cheaper prices are the answer to that riddle, but we’ll get to that later.

Because Rhombus Guys neighbors the hipster-approved Babb’s Coffee House, Rhombus Guys must have felt pressure to not look “square” by comparison (my apologies).

They succeeded.

JESSICA FLEMING - flemingjes@mnstate.edu

Rhombus Guys has one of the coolest interiors in Fargo: The surf boards, modern art and neon beer signs give it a coastal feel that is a welcome change of pace from the normal arrangement of cheap antiques many restaurants insist on putting up. The tablecloth is also actually a giant piece of paper, and crayons wait on the tables in case guests feel up for a bit of preprandial art.

The service at Rhombus Guys is prompt, as it always tends to be at new restaurants. The waitstaff really wants to educate customers on everything about Rhombus Guys. This walks along a fine line between endearing and annoying.

Our waiter was keen to enter into small talk about the pizzas and the music, and the menu comes with a somewhat lengthy biography that I can’t imagine anyone reading to the end.

Overall, though, they do a good job and the pizza arrives at the table quickly.

Once the pizza did arrive, I found it to be one of the best pizzas available in the Fargo area. There are 33 different pizzas on the menu, and some are pretty novel. One is named “Busey” after Gary Busey, the lovable actor. I’m not sure if they pay him royalties.

I ordered a large, half “T-Rex” and half “Happy Pig.” The “T-Rex” has five different types of meat on it (not Tyrannosaurus meat, for obvious reasons) and is extremely filling and delicious. The “Happy Pig” is topped with pulled pork and pineapple.

Then there are 31 more pizzas left to try. The quality and variety of the pizza at Rhombus Guys is definitely a welcomed addition to downtown Fargo.

The one negative is price. Despite the marketing and atmosphere, Rhombus Guys is not priced to be a frequent haunt of a college student on a budget. The large pizza and a Coke cost more than $28 before the tip.

In fairness, it is a very large pizza, enough for about two and a half meals depending on a person’s appetite and perseverance.

Despite the prices, it’s a safe bet that the location, taste and late hours of Rhombus Guys will make it a hit with the downtown college crowd.



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