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Baltic to Boardwalk maturing with second CD

The band Baltic to Boardwalk is diligently working on their second album, Ghost Towns. They plan to put it out next year. The band hopes to take on a much more mature feel with their new album.

“Originally we were like ‘Let’s party,’” band guitarist Jack Stenerson said. “It (first album) has some maturity lyric-wise but it is less mature sound wise.”

The process of writing their second CD has matured the members of Baltic to Boardwalk.

ADAM HANSEN - hansenad@mnstate.edu

“Glory Days (their first album) introduced us,” guitarist Adam Smith said. “Ghost Towns will define us.”

All members of the band went to high school in the Fargo-Moorhead area. While Stenerson and drummer Curtiss Hamende go to MSUM, they all would love to be able to travel throughout the year and make a living with their music. For many members of the band, this area is their home.

“Midwest pride is a big thing,” Stenerson said. “A lot of the first record is about growing up in the Midwest, loving it and hating it.”

While their first record dealt with the area a lot, their second album hopes to take on a more personal feeling. Vocalist Ryan Hoffart has written many of the lyrics to Ghost Towns and has put himself in the lyrics.

For example, the song “Apt. 309 (A Boy and His Dog)” deals with the fire that tore through the Galleria apartments last year. Hoffart wrote the song for himself and his roommates, who went through the experience as well. In their new album, the songs are trying to reach a universal truth.

“I want for people to relate to it in a manner,” Hoffart said. “I’m not going to directly say certain stuff but it is written in that way. I feel all of our songs are written that way.”

The name Baltic to Boardwalk goes back several years. Stenerson came up with the band name several years ago as a name for an indie band but the name never caught on. After holding onto the name for several years, the band finally took it on.

While fans wait for the release of their new album, the band is taking their time on the next album. They do not want to rush anything and are trying to make the album flow. They are doing this because they do not want to sound like any other band.

Although it’s hard for them to pin down one set of lyrics that define them, they almost agree that one defines them quite well.

“The Midwest is calling our name, and we’re all in tune.”


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