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Coyote found on campus

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At 4:05 p.m. on Monday, MSUM public safety was called to Ballard because a coyote was sighted next to the building.

Brian Klinnert, public safety officer, was first on the scene. The coyote was lying down in the corner of the building by door three of Ballard. Klinnert said that the coyote didn’t look normal.

“It appeared to be injured or sick,” he said.

Klinnert then called the Moorhead Police, who sent animal control officer Steve Kemper. Kemper arrived and captured the coyote.

“I took it north of Moorhead and turned it loose,” Kemper said.


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  1. Jenn

    They just released the coyote without checking how it was sick? Not even a blood draw or taking precautions against rabies?

    There are many diseases that can be caught from rabbits and rodents or their feces– tulerima, leptospirosis that can affect both dogs and humans alike. A sick coyote isn’t to be ignored on a campus full of dog walkers and rodents.

    I’m now very concerned for my dog’s health– he’s fully vaccinated but not all diseases are vaccinable.

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