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Local businesses offer non-traditional health options

Alternative Workouts

Fargo-Moorhead is full of opportunities to workout for those who dread the tread.

Check out these different workouts around town.

Soulista Yoga – This yoga studio runs several different workout opportunities. Ranging from Pilates to differing levels of yoga. All of the instructors are trained in Pilates and certified in yoga. It is located at 810 4th Ave. S., Suites 104 and 108 in Moorhead and can be reached at 218.233.1511. More information can be found at soulista.com.

Crossfit 701 – If you’re looking for something a bit more strenuous, try Crossfit 701. Crossfit is a type of strength and conditioning workout used by the military and law enforcement. Machines aren’t used because people need to learn how to use their bodies and not rely on machines to workout. Owner Alison Hennings explained, “it’s not just for elite athletes” but quickly added, “we create elite athletes.” It is located at 3309 Fletchner Drive in Fargo and can be reached at 701.430.1987. More information can be found at crossfit701.com.

At-home workouts – MSUM senior Lauren Daniels, has discovered the joys of at-home workouts. Because of this, she has decided to help people discover these workouts by becoming a Beach Body coach. Because of this she sells home workouts such as Insanity, P90X and many others. It doesn’t end with just workouts though. She also sells supplements such as shakeology. More information can be found at her website, teambeachbody.com/danielsla.

Swing dancing — Forget that you’re getting exercise and just start moving to the beat. Swing dancing provides a great cardio exercise, a wonderful way to relieve stress and a great way to meet new people.

“(It’s a good workout) especially if it’s a tango or upbeat dance,” said Joseph Juetten, a regular at MSUM swing dancing.
The best part is that you can stay on campus to get the workout. The MSUM swing dancing club meets in the CMU Underground every Friday night where they give free dance lessons starting around 7. On Sundays advanced lessons are given. Lace up your shoes and ask that cute girl in your class to dance.



Graphic by Matthew Beckman - beckmanma@mnstate.edu

Alternative Medicine

There are more ways to feel better than one might think.

A few Fargo-Moorhead area businesses offer alternative medicine options such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

Life Energy Chiropractic and Wellness– “We are chiropractors first and foremost,” said Josh Jaeger, owner and chiropractor at Life Energy. “Our job is to remove misalignments.”
They also are able to perform several scans of the nervous system, as one of 9,000 providers in the country with NASA-certified technology in their office. They use four of the five portions to the scanning technology, Jaeger said, including infrared scanning and a pulse-wave profiler, which “tests the heart’s ability to adapt to the environment and stresses over a lifetime.”

“We’re able to check health before it’s an issue,” Jaeger said.

Alternative medicine generally involves a more “natural” approach, and Life Energy Chiropractic is no exception.

“We don’t use any drugs or surgery,” Jaeger said.

For more information, visit www.lifeenergychiro.com.

Two Turtles Wellness Center –
Two Turtles Wellness practices acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional consultation and massage therapy.

“Our body has an innate knowledge on how to be well,” said Jen DeMaio, co-owner and licensed acupuncturist at Two Turtles. That innate human knowledge is often interrupted by toxins, she said, including stress, poor quality of food and other physical and emotional health issues.

Acupuncture reminds the body how to function on a healthy level, DeMaio said. It boosts the immune system, fortifies resistance to the outside world and calms the nervous system. DeMaio said it treats physical, emotional and mental stresses.

“For a lot of people, it’s a last ditch effort,” DeMaio said, but despite that she’s seen positive results for her clients, especially with children.

For more information, visit www.2turtleswellness.com.

Exo-Chic Boutique –Leanne Sucrow and Maria Brosak, owners of Eco-Chic Boutique sell alternative health supplements through Shaklee Distributors, a national natural nutrition supplement company. Their Shaklee office is inside Eco-Chic Boutique.

All of the Shaklee supplements are organic and plant-derived.

“They’re all-natural, made from actual fruits and vegetables that are organic,” Sucrow said.

For more information, visit www.beingecochic.com.

Although alternative medicine isn’t conducted by actual medical doctors, it is accepted by some professionals in the medical field.

“They have their place in treatment,” said Lori Schmidt, nurse practitioner at Hendrix Health Center.

“They take into consideration both mind and body,” Schmidt said. “The ideal use for alternative medicine would be in partnership with traditional healthcare.”



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