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Season of giving provides job opportunities

Photo Illustration by JESSICA FLEMING - flemingjes@mnstate.edu

’Tis the season for students to start looking for temporary jobs as the beginning of the holidays draws closer.  Numerous businesses around the F-M area offer seasonal positions for workers who need extra hours in the upcoming months.  Employers often post signs outside their store, flyers around campuses and online.

Some businesses begin hiring seasonal helpers earlier than expected. Sue, a co-manager at Bath and Body Works of Fargo (who preferred to have her full name not be disclosed) said they began hiring in August. More than 100 seasonal helpers are hired to aid the store in the busy yuletide season.

Bath and Body Works relies on “signs, word of mouth, just our employees talking to other friends, posting things on college campuses, social media,” Sue said. “Start looking earlier than you think.”

While many stores started hiring earlier this autumn, others are just beginning their search for temporaries. Megan Toepke, an MSUM student and Vanity sales associate said they just started hiring recently.

“We’ve been trying to up our staff 20 people just for the season. There’s been a lot of interviews. Maybe for a week now, we’ve been trying to get more extra help. Girls come and go. Some end up staying on. Maybe around the end of February they usually will go,” Toepke said. “If they’re wanting to look for a job, start in September. Don’t wait by November. Look in like September and the middle of October. A lot of them are starting to get pretty full.”

Katrina Fick, an assistant manager at Forever 21, said, “We will probably start mid-November.” They usually hire five to eight extra team members for the season. For workers hoping to keep turn their temporary title into something greater, “If they have shown their work ethic and prove themselves,” they will more than likely be kept on as a regular employee.

Scott King, the human resource manager at Sears in Fargo, said they are also just beginning their search for extra help. “We are officially hiring people as seasonal, which means they are hired on through December 24, 25, essentially, and at that point, depending on their performance, whether they actually stay on with us, depends on that, but they typically are guaranteed through that point,” King said. “If their performance is good we can change their employment as regular, which means they stay on with us part-time, or at that point they may choose to leave.” Sears typically hires between 10 and 30 extra employees.

King also had advice for students who are job searching and going through interviews.

“Act professional. If you’re showing up for an interview, baggy jeans with holes in them and a backwards cap and a t-shirt is not acceptable. It does not make you stand out above anyone” King said. “If you’re coming in for an interview, regardless if it’s a seasonal cashier position or you’re going to be a CEO of a company, you always dress professionally. Dress for the job you want to have.”

Numerous other locations in the Fargo-Moorhead area are seeking students for extra help including Kohl’s, both Target locations, Helzberg Diamonds, ULTA Salon, Victoria’s Secret and Herberger’s. Positions fill quickly, so students hoping to find extra work should start their search sooner than later.



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