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Cold-weather running tips

Getting yourself dressed and outside is the hardest part about running outside in the cold. Once you motivate yourself to get out there, it’s worth it. There are several things you need to keep in mind when heading outdoors for a run in the below freezing weather.

• Dress in layers. Hypothermia is a real threat so take it very seriously. Make sure you don’t have any exposed skin. Your ears, toes and hands will probably get the coldest so make sure you have enough clothes on them. Your feet might get wet so try to wear waterproof shoes.

• After having said that, don’t overdress. You quickly warm up when running so judge the weather accordingly.

•  Don’t wear nice shoes. You’ll be running through snow and ice so you don’t want to wear shoes you’re worried about ruining.

• Keep your path short. Instead of running a long out and back run try running shorter paths that keep you closer to your house in case the weather gets worse or something happens.

• Always carry a cell phone and identification.

• When first running in the cold, your lungs will feel like they’re burning. This will pass. It’s just that your lungs aren’t used to the cold air.

• Wear the right fabric. Avoid cotton because it doesn’t wick away moisture and doesn’t insulate very well. Polyester is a better choice.

•  Always tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

•  Be careful rounding corners. There will be lots of ice and the last thing you want to do is make of a fool of yourself by falling in front of all the people who think you’re cool because you’re running outside in freezing temperatures.

• Wear reflective clothing. The sun is up for a short period of time so you’re more likely to run in the dark. Make sure people can see you.

• Start your run into the wind and finish with it at your back so it doesn’t blast you after you’ve started sweating.


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