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Sammy’s Pizza holds its own

Photo by JESSICA FLEMING - flemingjes@mnstate.edu

If you’ve been reading the AdvoEats section over the past year, you’ll know that downtown Fargo has no shortage of pizza restaurants. Sammy’s Pizza has been the area stalwart, but has been passed by since the arrival of new, hipper joints like Rhombus Guys or Spicy Pie.

It shouldn’t be.

Sammy’s has effortless charm, only because of its age and location. Where Rhombus Guys and Spicy Pie create atmosphere by blitzing you with stimuli, Sammy’s relies on old-fashioned booths decorated with old LP sleeves – Steely Dan in our case.

Sammy’s feels like home in a world where pizzerias are trying the hardest to be nightclubs. Sammy’s does, however, have a bizarre ceiling that looks like a giant version of the old tabletop game “Don’t Break the Ice.”

The pizza itself holds its own with any other area pizzeria, and PizzaOftheWorld.com suggests that it is some of the best in the entire world. This is a pretty big exaggeration, but it is good, and the sausage may be the best in town. We wouldn’t recommend getting the beef, though, as it doesn’t match the quality of the rest of the ingredients. The breadsticks are par for the course and a worthwhile appetizer.

Price and service are both adequate. A 14-inch pizza with the works plus breadsticks and a few sodas will cost about $30 after tip, a meal which easily fed three skinny college pizza-eaters.
Since Sammy’s is unlikely to ever be swamped with business, from my impression, it is always easy to gain the attention of the accommodating staff.

The best thing about Sammy’s, again, is the atmosphere. It’s quiet and cozy, making it one of the best places in Fargo to take a date. With winter coming, what more could you ask for?



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