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Students salute snow

JESSICA FLEMING - flemingjes@mnstate.edu

After an unusually warm October, MSUM students blew up Facebook with statuses expressing their excitement for the first snowfall on Monday.

Statuses read: “why hello there snow! Nice to see you again… you didn’t stay long so could you come back please? Thanks!!” “Snow has fallen on Fargo, let winter begin!” and “it’s snowing and I am loving it!”

According to meteorologist Rob Kupec of WDAY, the first snow is usually around Halloween, which only puts us a couple weeks off schedule. In recent years, we have had an average of about three inches of snow by this time of year, he said.

“This October was the sixth warmest on record,” Kupec said.

The climate wrap up for October from the National Weather Service in Grand Forks reported that temperatures ranged from 89 degrees on Oct. 5 to 22 degrees on Oct. 22. The monthly average temperature was 53 degrees, which is 7.1 degrees higher than the long-term average.

Kelly Zimmer, junior legal studies major, said she thinks winter is coming later and later each year. The first semester is the best because there’s the warm summer weather and then the first snow and the beginning of the cold weather, she said.

“I think I just want one day where it just dumps the snow on us, and it’s just a winter wonderland,” Zimmer said, “preferably on a weekend when I don’t have to go anywhere.”

She would like just enough snow to cover the ground — a few inches — not a foot of snow, she said.

Other students aren’t excited about the snow at all.

“I don’t like snow,” said Adam Redman, sophomore graphic communications major. “And when it’s windy, it’s twice as bad.”


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