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Advocate video game picks of 2011

The most intelligent and well-written game of the year. Supported by some  strong celebrity voice work including J.K. Simmons, Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain returning as fan favorite GLaDOS. An amazingly well-scripted single-player story is complemented by a completely unique cooperative mode for two friends.

A great story, with interesting characters and relationships all wrapped in an Indiana Jones-caliber hunt for an ancient treasure. It’s a fun third-person shooter with a fairly easy learning curve and no serious ties to previous entries. It’s a fun, fast-paced game with visceral action sequences and set pieces. You won’t find a more beautiful- looking game this year.

Rare is the game that asks you to deal with a love triangle instead of gunning down a barrel-of-terrorists. “Catherine” is a linear, story-focused puzzle game about Vincent, a man afraid of commitment who cheats on Katherine, his girlfriend of several years, with a sultry stranger named Catherine. Vincent must deal with his love problems by escaping his climbing puzzle nightmares. Death in the nightmare could end his life in the real world.

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