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NDSU considers paying athletes

Over the years, the NCAA has considered the idea of paying student athletes and recently approved it. Division I colleges, including NDSU, are now allowed to pay athletes up to $2,000 a year for living expenses.


Athletes work hard training year round and can have trouble finding time to work between practice and school. The NCAA’s goal is for the money to be used toward things the athletes need.

Preston Evans, a senior football player at NDSU, is happy with the decision and thinks it will really help out.

“It really is a struggle with as much time we put in with football and then school,” Evans said.

He explained that during the summer scholarships do not pay for athletes’ housing, and paying for rent is hard while trying to put in time with the team.

Although athletes are hopeful for what this could mean for them financially, colleges aren’t sure if they will be able to afford it.

NDSU athletic director Gene Taylor isn’t sure if NDSU will pay their athletes, but realizes that other competing schools will recruit athletes with the salary.

“Institutions across the country, whether major division ones or those of us in the lower or mid-major levels, are struggling financially to pay the bills,” Taylor said.

The question that arises about paying student athletes is if the money will go toward the things that the money is meant to be used for.

Eric Falde, a senior at MSUM, isn’t sure paying student athletes is a good idea.

“I’d wonder where this extra $2,000 is going realistically and where the money is coming from and where the money is gonna be taken from. Obviously, the money isn’t gonna be coming out of thin air,” Falde said.

Although the logistics are still being worked out, NDSU and other Division I schools are going to be busy crunching the numbers trying to afford paying their athletes.


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