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Faculty pay new fee to continue riding buses

MSUM faculty are no longer able to ride the MAT Bus for free as of Jan 1. But faculty who ride frequently say spending $45 on a semester pass is worth it.

“I’ve already bought the pass,” said Laura Fasick, an MSUM English professor. “It’s certainly a very reasonable price for the value and service that you get.”

JESSICA FLEMING - flemingjes@mnstate.edu

After growing up in Toronto with so much public transit, Fasick never got used to driving or getting around by car. Without a driver’s license, taking a bus is often necessary for her.

Fasick has been riding the MAT Bus ever since she moved to the area in 1990 and her use has only increased with the years.

“I just really prefer the bus,“ Fasick said.

She takes the bus several times a day to run errands, visit friends or go to West Acres.

“I like the fact that when I’m on the bus I can read. I can write. I can get a lot of things done. In that sense, it saves me a lot of time,” Fasick said. “I am able to use the time I’m getting some place to do other things as well.”

Tim Decker, professor of English, also prefers the bus and takes advantage of the extra time it gives him to read or grade papers. Much like Fasick, Decker grew up with public transportation and has always used the bus regularly.

“I find it more relaxing to ride the bus,” said Decker, who is blind is his left eye. “I don’t have good depth perception, so I choose to take the bus.”

Although Decker could apply for another driver’s license, he’d rather not be behind the wheel. Decker has purchased the semester pass and continues to ride the MAT Bus Monday through Friday to travel to and from work.

“It’s not much a burden,” Decker said. “It’s worth it for me.”

Students can still ride the bus for free with their student ID.

For any information pertaining to MAT Bus, visit matbus.com.


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    as as taxpayer and fixed route rider, I would like to know why students and faculty do not have to pay the regular $1.50 or $40/month fare to ride MAT! I am sick and tired of the freeloading that goes on with the colleges–MAT is a PUBLIC service. The faculty and professors’ salaries are among the highest in the area–not to mention the benefits of healthcare, retirement, etc–! Students spend more on phone plans than riding the bus! we fixed route riders are asked for more and more to pay to ride MAT, and the students/colleges continue to freeload. Grow up, people! If you use a service pay to use it like everyone else does! I feel NO obligation to support bus rides for college factulty/staff much less students!

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