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Tradition gives students publishing experience

An MSUM tradition that goes back almost 50 years is about to teach yet another group of students how publishing works.

JESSICA FLEMING - flemingjes@mnstate.edu

First published in 1963 as “Convivio,” the MSUM literary journal has allowed students, faculty and alumni to publish creative written work.

Now known as “Red Weather” students in English 495/595 are put in charge of the publishing process.

Graduate student Ryan Christiansen, the managing editor and instructor for the course, thinks that this class not only offers students an extraordinary experience with publishing a literary journal but also gives people the chance to get their creative works published and out where others can read them.

Christiansen explained the screening process for the works that are submitted. They are reviewed anonymously by the students. This way everyone has a fair chance at being published and only the best entries are put into the journal.

“What I enjoy most is the fact that the students really drive the decisions on what ends up being in the issue and how the issue looks,” Christiansen said.

Tyler Sorensen, a senior taking the course, is looking forward to the experience “Red Weather” offers.

“I expect to learn a lot about the craft of literary publishing. This is somewhat new to me, of course, but in a few months, I hope to see my name credited with my classmates in a project we can admire with pride. I’m looking forward to being involved in every step of the process,” Sorensen said.

Through the years “Red Weather” has published poetry, fiction and visual art in a print form. This year, they will continue that custom but will also be adding a couple new features, audio and video.

Keeping up with modern technology, Christiansen said this year they are going to have a print and ebook version. URLs and links will be listed, so readers will be able to access video or audio on their phone.

To find out more information about “Red Weather,” visit at http://web.mnstate.edu/redweather/.

“Red Weather” is also taking submissions now. Instructions and guidelines can be found at http://news.mnstate.edu/2012/01/msum%E2%80%99s-red-weather-journal-now-accepting-submissions/.

“Red Weather” incorporates a mixture of old traditions and new ideas. Sorensen is eager to see what this semester will bring.

“It’s exciting to know that the editors as well as the contributors will be joining a rich campus tradition,” Sorensen said.


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