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MSUM art on display at HoDo

A reservation at the restaurant in Hotel Donaldson in Fargo warrants not only food and service, but art as well. Currently claiming the wall space of this establishment is the work of students from the MSUM art department.

Last summer, 21 students spent a month in New York City studying at the New York Academy of Art. Figure drawing, painting and other art classes were just part of the experience for the students. Going to a wide variety of art galleries gave the students a fresh perspective to both timeless and current works of art.

“It’s pretty eye-opening for them and very exciting to watch them as they start to experience what’s really going on in the art world,” said John Volk, one of the professors in the art department that heads the trip every other year.

Students had plenty of free time to explore the city, giving them time to reflect and plan their own projects that they would be doing as part of the trip.

“The work that they’re showing, the work that they’re making now, it’s very exciting. It’s exciting to see the change; they suddenly grow up, and it’s really very exciting,” Volk said.

After showing the exhibit of the work from the trip at the Roland Dille Center for the Arts, the students were invited to showcase their work at the restaurant in Hotel Donaldson.

“MSUM has a really good art department … we do good work here, and it was nice to see that,” said Josephine Stromseth, an art student who went on the trip.

With their art displayed in the community, the students can claim personal accomplishment for their own careers and know their work is contributing to the culture of downtown Fargo.  For those who want to see the exhibit, it is currently showing at the HoDo.


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