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MSUM students enter film festival

From March 6 to 10, more than 100 films were shown at the Fargo Film Festival at the Fargo Theatre. One of these films was “Mustache,” a 12-minute long film focusing on a bakery clerk who grows close to an eccentric customer. Two MSUM film students, Tyler Sorensen and Justin Schroepfer, made the movie for a senior seminar capstone project last spring. Sorensen is a senior and will be graduating this semester while Schroepfer graduated last semester and is currently working as a projectionist at the Fargo Theatre.

MSUM alum Al Odden plays the title character in "Mustache."

The film, which took a week of filming from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., was submitted to the Fargo Film Festival last fall and it was ultimately shown to dozens of the festival’s patrons. They keep the film, which is based on Sorensen’s actual experiences, accurate, even filming in the Moorhead Hornbacher’s.

“It was based on a non-fiction essay that I wrote in an English class a couple of years ago,” Sorensen said. “It’s based on my experience as a bakery clerk in the Moorhead Hornbacher’s. … It’s kind of like a documentary with actors.”

“Mustache” was well-received at the Fargo Film Festival and the two even got to participate in a ten-minute question and answer session after the movie.

“‘Mustache’ is a delightful short-film experience,” Fargo Theatre worker Anthony Pilloud said about the movie. “One often forgets about the individual when faced with the crowd in today’s job market, so it is very refreshing to be reminded of those hidden behind masks and facial hair.”

Sorensen and Schroepfer took away many things about filmmaking from this project that they hope to apply someday in their real world jobs.

“I learned mostly about managing time and getting the shots,” Schroepfer said. “I was the cinematographer on the project. My main focus was scheduling and getting everything we wanted as fast and effeciently as possible.”

Sorensen and Schroepfer both hope to end up in the movie business someday and have their eyes set toward the future.

“Justin and I want to submit ‘Mustache’ to a few other national film festivals and see where it goes from there,” Sorensen said. “After I graduate I still want to be involved in film. My immediate goal is to become a production assistant in New York this summer but hopefully writing is something I can do on the side.”

The two also hope that they can continue to make movies together.

“After we made ‘Mustache’ I helped Justin on several small projects,” Sorensen said. “I think that Justin will always be someone I can count on collaborating with. It’s been a good process working with him.”


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