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Record-breaking temperatures hit F-M

Record-breaking temperatures have hit towns across the Red River Valley all week.

Monday reached 75 degrees in Fargo, breaking a record for that day set in 1910 at 66 degrees, said meteorologist Jeff Makowski at the National Weather Service office in Grand Forks, N.D.

“Essentially what we have had is a prolonged period of southerly wind which has helped bring warmth to the north,” Makowski said.

He also said with the snow having melted so quickly, not having snow on the ground is helping the temperatures stay warm.

“There were several records set in Fargo for the warmest overnight low temperatures for specific dates,” Makowski said. “In particular on March 18, the low temperature at Fargo was 60 degrees, while the previous record for the warmest minimum temperature for the date was 41 degrees.” That record was also set in 1910.

“In addition to breaking the record for the warmest minimum temperature for that date,” Makowski said, “it also broke the record for the warmest minimum temperature at Fargo for any date during March. The previous all time high minimum temperature for any date in March was 48.”

Many students have noticed the weather.

“I love it,” freshman Jessica Ferrian said. She’s been able to go on a walk in the recent sunshine.

Sophomore Sara Schobinger said she’s lived in Fargo her entire life and has never seen weather this warm before April. Over spring break Schobinger went for walks and sunbathed on her patio.

“I absolutely love it,” she said.


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