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Student launches music website

When other fourth-graders went out to and play during recess, MSUM film senior Michael Schreifels would ask his teacher if he could stay inside and work on his website.

That was Schreifels’ first website. Now, years later, Schreifels has launched his most recent website — an independent music discovery service called albumcorner.com.

The idea to make a music service website first struck Schreifels in July, when he connected two of his biggest passions, indie music and technology. The whole process started in November, when he began making connections with bands and people who are involved in the local music scene, along with the development process of the launch page.

Since Albumcorner launched on April 18, there has been a lot of positive feedback along with a significant amount of listeners.

Albumcorner features a new indie band every Wednesday with an option where the viewer can listen to the full album for free or download an mp3 file for $5.

“Albumcorner’s about creating a platform for independent musicians to be brought to a wider-scale audience,” Schreifels said. “It’s great to have to work on something that actually makes you want to get up in the morning.”

While at MSUM, previous to Albumcorner, Schreifels created music videos for local artists. Through the local music scene, Schreifels met musician Michael Weiler, who helped Schreifels make musical connections in Fargo-Moorhead and Minneapolis.

“Albumcorner wouldn’t be possible without them,” said Schreifels, about all the support and help he got from friends. To Schreifels, building relationships and making connections is an important part of his business.

“Once you connect with talented artists locally, you become connected to an entire network of good music. It grows naturally and organically,” Schreifels said. “People talk, once one band makes good relationships and connections, they talk to other bands, and more artists become interested.”

Along with being an entrepreneur, Schreifels has many other commitments. He is a full-time film student and will complete his B.A. degree this spring. He has contributed work to film festivals, is currently a resident assistant for MSUM Housing and Residential Life and works in the MSUM IT department.

After graduation, Schreifels plans to do more work with Albumcorner, along with doing something related to music or technology.


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