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Students investigate suspected paranormal activity in library

The ghost of a young girl born before 1950 may be trapped in the library.

The Dragon paranormal society, a club dedicated to investigating paranormal activity on campus, chose the library for their first investigation.

“It’s kind of a hot spot for paranormal activity,” said Johnny Cunha, the club president and a sophomore archeology major.

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Cunha, as well as other members, claim to have experienced  paranormal activity in the library while working for Public Safety.

They would push in all the chairs, so they were flush with the tables before checking the fourth floor; by the time they came back down, the chairs were moved, said Robyn Aune, a sophomore biology major, who used to work for Public Safety.

Cunha had also experienced the moving of chairs while working.

“Everyone that worked in Public Safety had some sort of experience somewhere and most had one in the library,” Cunha said.

After the group chose the library, they began discussing and preparing for the investigation at their weekly Friday meetings. At midnight on March 31, their investigation officially began. Public Safety let the group of eight students into the library, which had been closed since 5 p.m., and locked the doors behind them.

“Most of us had seen the ghost hunter shows,” said Shane Kelly, vice president of the club and a criminal justice and sociology major. “There are certain questions you ask and certain thing you don’t want to do.”

The group designated one of the second floor study rooms as their base camp before dividing into groups and dispersing throughout the library. They walked around not really knowing what to do or what to expect, until stuff started to happen.

“It’s better to expect nothing,” said Adam Redman, secretary of the club and a sophomore graphic communications major.

Several members started pushing chairs in to see if they would move like many Public Safety workers had witnessed.

“We expected to look at the chairs when we were done to see if they moved at all,” Aune said. “But as we were setting it up, the chairs were moving.”

Aune and the other members counted 10 to 12 chairs that had been moved.

The group also conducted an experiment, in which they set a flashlight 5 feet in front of them and asked questions. The presence was instructed to turn the light on or off depending on the answer.

By conducting the flashlight experiment, the group came to the conclusion that there are at least two ghosts in the library. The first is a girl 10 years old or younger, born before 1950. The second is a male. The members believe the male presence may be holding the female presence in the library.

Along with the moving chairs and flashlight experiment, the group also captured an electronic voice phenomenon of someone saying “go,” as well as an unexplainable shadow figure. They ended their investigation at 3:30 a.m.

“It went way better than I ever thought it would,” Aune said.

The club hopes to investigate the former Delta Zeta house or Murray Commons, as well as Weld by the end of this semester. As the club does more investigations, they hope to be more organized and have more equipment.

To participate in an investigation, one must regularly attend meetings and be involved in the club.

“We are planning on going back to places,” Cunha said.

This will give more members the opportunity to investigate and conduct experiments.

“It won’t be the same group of people going every time,” Kelly said.

The club will be showing all of their documentation from their first investigation at their weekly meeting tomorrow in CMU 203. All are welcome to attend.

“Basically, we’re going to make a DVD out of all the footage and EVPs,” Cunha said.

For more information about the dragon paranormal society and future investigations, attend their weekly Friday meetings at 5 p.m. in the CMU or visit their Facebook page.


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  1. kausali

    This is my 1st year in college. After reading about the paranormal activity in library it really scared me and my friend. I used to be at library for most of the time and now I am so much scared that I cannot think of going library alone. Also I work at IT department. I have to go through all the labs to check if everything is okay or not. Now this story about ghost and the paranormal activity has really really scared me. I think you should not have published such news even if its true.

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