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Thatzza Pizza offers variety, fails to satisfy

Thatzza Pizza is a new pizzeria on the southwest corner of 32nd Avenue and 42nd Street, and it looks like its own little place in the middle of a huge lot. If you’re not looking, you might miss it — like I did.

Inside, it has a contemporary feel and it’s one of those walk-up-to-the-service-line places like Qdoba or Subway.

ROBERT SWANSEN - swansenro@mnstate.edu

The employees were friendly and happy to share all the info about this new place.

They always have cheese, pepperoni, supreme and their feature pizza of the day.

You can buy any of these by the slice. The good part about that is their slices are huge; think Spicy Pie portions except a thicker crust.

In the line, you can also get cheesy fries or garlic cheese bread.

There’s also pasta they make right in front of you, salad, dessert pizza and ice cream

You can order your own pizza too however you want it, or you can order one off their specialty pizza menu.

Now that we’ve got all the fun stuff out of the way, it’s down to the food critique.

Overall, not too bad.

To be honest, I probably liked the fettuccine best.

The pizza was okay, but I was expecting more.

There wasn’t a distinct taste to it; the crust was pretty good, but overall, the pizza was pretty bland.

It seemed like it was missing a seasoning or a taste of some sort.

For such a fun, new place, I really expected more.

It wasn’t that it was terrible, it just wasn’t great.

The prices are decent with $2.69 – $3.29 per slice and $3.59 for a single order of pasta.

Altogether, we got two slices of pizza, a single order of pasta and cheese fries all for under $15.

Not bad in my book.

So, for a brief synopsis: nice place, good service, food so/so.


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