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Dahl renovation complete

New students on campus may not notice the changes that have been made in Dahl Hall, but those who have lived there in the past surely will.

Over the past two summers, Dahl has undergone extensive renovations to meet the current demands of students. While the first phase took much longer than anticipated during the summer of 2011, this summer’s construction went according to plan.

“The demand now from students is a lot different than the demand was back in the ’50s and ’60s when the residence halls were originally built,” said Bobbie Delaney, area director of Nelson-Grantham, formerly of Dahl and Ballard.

The new amenities range from moveable furniture in dorm rooms to laundry on every floor. Delaney said by implementing changes students were looking for, MSUM is hoping to create a better living and learning environment.

Along with renovations to living spaces, the first floor lobby and lounge also underwent complete reconstruction, and a staircase was added near the front desk to allow better access to the lower level. Dahl currently is home to the art, art education, film and theatre living learning communities, and there are preliminary plans for the lower level to be transformed into an art studio of sorts.

“Arts students spend a lot of time after hours, lots of late nights,” Delaney said. “So to bring it into a residence hall area brings a better environment to them.”

The setup in Dahl would allow for such a studio to be created — a helpful addition, due to lack of adequate space in the education buildings, according to Delaney.

Director of housing and residential life Heather Phillips adds that adding studio space to student housing is a neat opportunity that would be apart from others to MSUM’s campus.

Plans have been drafted. However, because the project will be financed by donations and fundraising, it will be postponed until adequate funds are raised.

Now renovated, Dahl will cost students living there approximately $300 more per semester, which some might say is a small price to pay for the many, much needed updates.

“It’s brighter, it’s more updated; definitely more modern,” Delaney said.

The next residence hall to be renovated will be West Snarr. Construction will begin in the summer of 2013.


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