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Public Safety investigates stolen gas

Gas has been siphoned from several vehicles on campus.

Eight or nine vehicles appearing to be tampered with were found with gas doors open and caps removed Friday morning in Lot G-11, said Greg Lemke, director of Public Safety.

After an email was sent Friday afternoon informing all students of the thefts, Public Safety received about half a dozen more reports of gas thefts on and around campus, including one in which a car’s gas line was cut.

Lemke said the thefts started about two weeks ago when 70 gallons of gas were siphoned from a contractor’s vehicles parked on campus.

Public Safety officers have reviewed the security footage and have found four subjects fleeing the scene but could not identify them or their vehicles.

“We have a lot of cameras on campus,” Lemke said. “We may put more workers on over-nights, but we rely on students to call Public Safety.”

Lemke attributes the thefts to the high prices of gas, but others don’t see the correlation.

Jason Hicks, deputy for Moorhead police department, said he hasn’t dealt with any gas thefts in Moorhead lately, but Glyndon has seen a lot of drive-offs.

“I haven’t seen any (gas thefts),” said Mike Cline, Glyndon police chief. “I get about a hundred drive-offs a year, but I don’t think there’s any correlation with gas prices.”

Lemke advises students and faculty members to park under lights or in well-lit areas and to be  aware of any suspicious activity in the parking lots.

Anyone with additional information about the gas thefts, contact  Public Safety at 218.477.2449.


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