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Stop the heckling, cheer positively

I am all for having school pride at our sporting events. Cheering for your team shows great support for the players involved, and I like to believe that it means something to them to hear the crowd rooting them on.

I do not, however, find it in any way supportive or good sportsmanship-like conduct for the student section to be heckling and rudely talking down to another school’s players.

For example, while I was taking pictures of the women’s soccer game against St. Cloud State University on Sunday, and I was constantly distracted by the immature and rude spectators on the sidelines.

There was a group of mostly men sitting in the home bleachers heckling the visiting team members and even their visiting family and friends watching the game on the sidelines. They said things like:

“Oh, look who’s here to get beaten.”

And,  “Oh, hey, look at the girl in the green headband, hey Husky!”

All I could I think about during the game was how embarassing for our school to let these students represent our team spirit.
I do not know if they were linked to any group that was meant to cheer on our teams, but I do not believe that heckling the other team should be a part of any sporting game on our turf.

Although I would have very much liked to been a brave person and stood up to them, I knew that if I had tried to say anything it could have led to more heckling and made things worse, if that were possible. I hope that you reading this don’t participate in such bad behaviors, but if you do, think of the image you are giving to people from other schools and their families. Keep cheering for our beloved Dragons, but leave the childish heckling and cat-calling at home.


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