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Plains Art celebrates new center with DJ Spooky

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Internationally renowned musician and visual artist DJ Spooky, aka That Subliminal Kid, is set to have a public talk, performance and panel discussing his artwork in celebration of the Plains Art Museum’s recently opened Creativity Center.

He has worked on electronica and hip-hop albums and has collaborated with lead singers, songwriters and other musicians all around the world. He has performed at venues as diverse as the Herod Atticus Theater, Acropolis, the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris and the Tate Modern gallery in London.

In conjunction with making music and DJ’ing, the artist also spends time on writing and visual arts. His most reccent book, “Book of Ice,” will be on display at the center along with his multimedia project “Terra Nova,” and his graphic art project “Manifesto for a People’s Republic of Antarctica.”

“I started mainly as a writer and artist,” DJ Spooky said. “Music was meant to be a hobby. When I was at Bowdoin College I majored in Philosophy and French Literature, and I was planning on being a diplomat. Basically, DJ’ing took over as a hobby.”

DJ Spooky’s Ice Music exhibit will feature his prints, banners and video and sound installations. The project runs until Jan. 20, 2013.

Today, DJ Spooky will present a talk at the NDSU’s Renaissance Hall in downtown Fargo. During this talk he will discuss his work and also do a multimedia performance showcasing his iTunes app for composing.

On Oct. 13, DJ Spooky will be the headliner of a hip-hop and graffiti performance, which will include hip-hop DJ’s and performers like Ernest Rhodes, FM Beatbox and members of the Scratch Dungeon.

Inspired by DJ Spooky’s exhibit and time in Antarctica, two NDSU    scientists, geologist Adam Lewis and biologist Wendy Reed, along with photographer Stuart Klipper, who all traveled to Antarctica for research will discuss their work in the panel. They talk about Antarctica as a place of

imagination, which allows for reflection about how viewers can relate to the global environment. They hope to expand viewer’s ideas about the meaning of Antarctica in the world and in art.

The events are a great chance for students and community members to be educated about different art styles and artist’s music.

“My art has always been socially engaged. The main idea of DJ’ing is ‘the mix,’ and collage, dialects, and the ‘post-modern turn,’ DJ Spooky said. “The ‘mix’ is a basic template for 21st century culture at every level, from modern warfare, to topology studies, to architecture, design, and genetic engineering etc.  etc. everything will be interdisciplinary.”


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